Japan Away Shirt 2016

With the cooperation of Adidas Japan K.K and Japan Football Association(JFC), they released jointly new 2016 Japan home and away shirts to help Japan national team players perform better.

Japan national team is operated by Japan Football Association and is one of the most successful football teams in Asia, which has qualified for the six consecutive finals of FIFA World Cup. Besides, it is the only team from outside the Americas to participate in the Copa América, having been invited in 1999 and 2011.

The design theme of Japan Away Shirt 2016 is “青の‘個性’(unique blue)”. The special sky blue patterns on the jersey represent diamonds showing the strong personalities of 11 players. Besides, withe is the traditional color of Japan away shirts, so it is used again as the main color of the new away shirt.

Japan Away Shirt 2016 has a modern round collar. Three eye-catching dark stripes of Adidas, symbolizing victory, appear in both sides of the body, which is the first time that the stripes have not been placed on shoulders.

The flying golden bird with three legs, not only as a mystical bird of Japanese culture, but also as the guide to 2018 World Cup, is printed inside of the collar, in order to bring power to national team players and encourage them to play better on football fields.

The shirt is lighter and more comfortable than previous Japan football shirts owing to adizero technology. Thus, players can run faster and perform best. Furthermore, ultra-ventilated mesh fabric is used on the back of the new jersey to make sweat evaporate quickly.

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