Blue Spain Track Jacket 2017-19

The two-tone blue track jacket will be a necessity for most Spanish football fans, showing their supports to the Spain national football at the looming 2018 FIFA World Cup. The blue Spain track jacket was published ahead of 2018, displaying the new look for the current season. The lower part and upper part are dyed with two different blue colors, adorning with two long sleeves, in which red stripes extend from the shoulder parts to the end of two sleeves. On the front, two colorful symbolic Adidas logo and emblem of are stitched to right and left chest respectively.

Alongside the 2018 FIFA World Cup kit, the two-tone blue track jacket is also a good choice for you. Because the slim-style design, one have to order a shirt slightly bigger than the common clothes in your daily life if you prefer to a lose-style jacket. The fashionable blue jacket is finished with full zip, ribbed baseball collar and wide ribbed hem and cuffs. The two zipped pockets allow anyone who wears the jacket carrying private items to anywhere. In addition to two-tone blue, the back of the track jacket is pure without any redundant ornaments, displaying a concise and dynamic image of the Spain national football team and reflecting the profound football history of the big football kingdom.

One can wear the fashionable track jacket to show support to the favorite team in front of TVs or on stand at football stadiums through the whole season.

Spain Away Shirt 2016

Entirely new Spain football shirt takes white as its main color. The Spain national football team has achieved great success in 2012 European Cup, becoming the first team defended their title successfully. It is inspired by the success at last European Cup that the new football shirt integrates national colors into it.

Fernando Torres scored a goal sealing the victory, which makes the whole country crazy for it at 2012 European Cup Final. Inspired by the passions at that time, “hot spot map” on the façade of football shirt reappears the exciting moments of Fernando Torres’ score, meaning extending this crazy moment into next European Cup.

Same with new home football shirt, basic triangle unit – “hot spot map” represents a triangle game, which has always being conducted in the past years exercises. That is a football practice game prevailing from across the world. Not only on football shirts, but also on football field, the triangle football practicing game will be founded.

Symbolic three stripes for triumph haven’t appear on this football shirt for the first time. Noticeable three red stripes appear on side of body, bringing new visual experience.

Football kits manufactured by adizero technology are 10% lighter than that of national football team in World Cup 2014. The whole back of football shirt adopts ultra-ventilate cloth aiming to release heat in sports event quickly, following the trend of modern football.